About Orielle Anaïs 

We all have bodies; there is nothing more easily relatable.  When creating playfully, every burst of lines can unfold into the magic that is the naked body.  Suddenly appears a wild woman, robust with fierce tenderness, powerful in her deep connection to her sex.  The fantastic shapes and strange moments of dreams ground themselves the curve of a hip, a pert nipple, a saggy scrotum.

My aim is to bring to life the tension that exists between our dreams and our physical life, the way we view ourselves and the way we truly are. My work shows the deep desires and inner dances which hide within the stillness of our bodies, patiently waiting for us to open and say YES.



Orielle Anaïs is a long-time artist with roots in Iowa and France. Orielle is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: 


Insta: @oriellecookie

Facebook: orielle anais art